Tell your dog’s character from his sleeping pose

Have you carefully observed the sleeping poses of fur kids?  Do you know why they like certain sleeping poses?

UK body language expert analyzed in research the usual sleeping poses of British people and believed that sleeping pose and the character of the person was related.  But you may not know that the same conclusions apply to dogs too.

Let’s check out the little secret hidden in the sleeping poses of our dogs.

  1. The Common Sideway

    Sideway is the most common pose when a dog is in deep sleep, when you see them in such a state, how could dog owners bear to interrupt their sweet dream?

    Generally speaking, dogs sleeping in such a pose show that they are at ease and are familiarized with the environment.  They are usually carefree and are the go with the flow type of dogs.

  2. The Very Flexible

    Does this remind you of yourself when you’re totally exhausted and fall asleep right away?  Like the message conveyed by this unconstrained pose, dogs that like to sleep in such a pose are usually very relaxed and independent.

    An expert told us that when dogs were still in the wild, in order to prevent themselves from being attacked, they would protect their bodily weak points like the back, belly and buttock when they were resting.  This shows that if the dogs show their belly or with their back towards you when they’re sleeping, they must be feeling very secured.

  3. The Baby Curl

    Curling into around is also a common sleeping pose, this not only could help dogs keep their body temperature, but also could protect their vital organs like their limps, face and belly.

    Curling also reminds people of babies, therefore dogs like to sleep like this are mostly gentle, friendly and a little lack security.  Pet owners need to pay extra care to fur kids of this character.

  4. The Grounding Belly

    This sleeping pose could possibly be the most misleading one.  A lot of dog owners think that this means that their dogs are in deep sleep, but quite on the contrary, this pose would tighten the dogs’ muscles and cannot totally relax.

    The corresponding character to this sleeping pose is intriguing, dogs that like to take this pose seem to have “dual character”, they might look like that they are gentle, or even a little timid and shy, but deep down they have strong enthusiasm and yearning for outdoor lives.

  5. The Flying Superman

    The belly is on the floor, but their limbs are fully extended looking like they were flying like Superman.  Dogs sleeping like this are usually more active and full of energy. Their extended limbs seem to be telling their owner that they are ready to fly to you anytime!

    Pet experts believe that fur kids that adopt this sleeping pose are relatively mature, but they also remind us that if you find your dog being too opinionated, or even overly stubborn, do not encourage this kind of character, otherwise, they would slowly become self-centred and it would not be too easy to change by then.