Kakato Scholarship 2020 November's Diary

This month in the rehab department there were an alpaca and a squirrel as patients which took me by surprise. The doctor told me that since the acupuncture locations were based on anatomical positions it can basically be performed on any animal. In my opinion, one of the most significant limitations of acupuncture is that it cannot be performed on aggressive or easily excited animals because they will struggle to get out of the restrain and shake all the needles off. In this case, only laser therapy will be performed.  

– Ernest Yu


This month, there is a new stray puppy(named Johnson after) that course ”independent study”  needs to take care of. This little girl is found to have been suffering from myasthenia gravis. Johnson was originally one of the stray animals under the TNR project by the animal welfare organisation, however, frequent vomiting was found later in the organisation centre. After diagnosis,  it is concluded that Johnson suffers from myasthenia gravis which causes abnormal function in the upper digestive function, hence leading to regurgitation. Stomach ulcerations are present as well. Hence, she would be basically unable to survive in nature on her own, so was sent to our place for treatment and care, after a stomach tube had been applied. It is hoped after the treatment, we could find her a home to take care of her.

We have to take turns to take care of her twice a day. The jobs include walking the puppy, weight measuring, as well as feeding of food and medicine via stomach tube. To prevent regurgitation of ingesta, it is essential to keep Johnson in a standing position, which lasts for half an hour after feeding. Needless to say, Johnson is really a sweet girl, and always so craving for a play with us whenever she sees us, cheering every one of us up. I hope so much that Johnson could one day get recovered, find a family who loves her and start a new page of life.

– Linda Lau