Welcome your new family member – Cat

Pet Owners must be very excited and be looking forward to life with their new cats.  But when they see how unsettling they are in the new environment, they need to help them relax and let them feel comfortable about the new home.

Understanding help building a relationship
Pet owners need to know their cats’ character.  It’s natural to want to know the new cats and get close to them as soon as possible, but cats are not like dogs, they will resist too much zeal from their owners and will take flight, some might even escape from you when you are too passionate.  Some moody cats may even develop aggressive attacking behaviour.   

Pet owners may let their cats take charge and adjust to the new environment at their own pace, get to know the members of the family in their most comfortable way.  Pet owners can also make up more playing time with the cats; for example, feeding delicious snacks, playing toys; or stroke lightly cats’ heads and necks to build up trust and bonding.

Let the cats step by step familiarize with new home
Cats are nervous when they are in a new place.  Pet owners can put the new cat in a quiet room, let them explore and familiarize themselves with the environment, connect with them only when they put down their guard. They will come to you when they feel comfortable. 

Giving cats a warm and loving home so they could live healthily and happily is the biggest joy of pet owners.

Kakato wish all pets and their owners’ happiness always!