Tricky dogs?

When you got home you found that your sofa is torn; your rubbish bin upturned things are everyone on the floor; scratch marks everywhere.  Is your home being robbed?  But next second you will realize it thanks to your dog.

When you are just about to blow up with anger, the innocent face that is looking up at you is like saying “I’m sorry, don’t be angry, there won’t be the next time”.  Then you believe in their repentance, but then soon the same thing happens again, what a tricky dog.

Wait! Have you misunderstood your dog?  What you thought was an apology was in fact “Why are you so angry, what happened, I don’t understand you”

In fact, dogs have short term memories almost the same as goldfish, they can hardly connect your anger with the mess they have made.  The innocent face is just a submissive behaviour, and when they know that their submissions calm their owners down, the behaviour will become repetitive.

Knowing why is not enough, stopping them from repeatedly biting and tearing is the key.  Maybe they’re just being active, or, they have Separation Anxiety Disorder.  Here is what Kakato suggest.

1. Clear distinction between reward and punishment
Firstly, you need to let your dogs know biting things is wrong so you must stop them immediately and give them a punishment.  If they complete your instructions, you can give them some snacks as a compliment.

2. Train their independence
Train your dog’s independence to relieve their Separation Anxiety Disorder.

Pet owners can role play leaving home and slowly increase the period of time away.  Moreover, meet dogs’ activity amount or find a friend (toy) to replace you when you’re away.  Some sturdy toys such as bone in plastic material are good to disperse their attention.

The pets that we spend our every day with when are they being smart and when are they being innocent, do you really understand them?