“Duplicity” - The biggest misunderstanding of cats by humans

When you are home, your cat is well behaved and goes to the litter box.  But when you are not home, they pee everywhere.  Why do they do that?

Many people think that this is their personality, but in fact, this is a dangerous signal.  Research shows that this behaviour may be the warning signal for Separation Anxiety Disorder.

Although the cats’ image is cool, it does not mean that they are callous.  Many cats are emotionally dependent on family members.  If you are not home, they will become nervous and anxious, so they will pee everywhere to make the room full of their smell to get a sense of security.  

For Separation Anxiety Disorder, Kakato suggests the following:

You can gently stroke your cat when he/she is nervous and even talk to them.  Cats love to have their face and chin petted.  Ignoring their emotion but only focus on your own needs would only intensify their Separation Anxiety Disorder.

If you detect Separation Anxiety Disorder in your cat, consult your veterinary as soon as possible for advice so your cat can continue to enjoy a happy and healthy life with you.