Cat always lay on the laptop, why???

When you have a cat, have you found that it’s getting hard to sit still and watch a movie or read a book quietly?  When you finally sit down quietly, the cat will come over and sit on the computer, or squat on the book. Why do cats always show their cuteness when the owners are focusing their things?

Reason 1: Missing your smell
“I miss your kisses and miss the smell of you.” If you understand the mood of this song, it is not difficult to understand what the cats’ thinking. They are much more sensitive to odour than humans, the smell of their owner can make them feel relaxed and safe, which is why they lie on the items commonly used by their owner to show their attachment toward them.

Reason 2: All these are mine

Sometimes cats not only squat on the owner’s things but also rub them with their face and claws.  Do you think this is just because they want to show their cuteness to their owner?  In fact, when rubbing against the objects, they are leaving their own smell on the items, this is the way the cats claim their territories! A lot of animals are territorial, so the next time when your loving cat lies in your arms and being cute, it might just be privatizing you by leaving its smell on you.

Reason 3: Share your warmth
When the weather is getting colder, or there is indoor air conditioning in the summer, most probably the cats are looking for a warm place, and they always stay on the laptop computer or the computer main body or TV box, especially during the evening or when there is no sunshine indoor, they will be where the warmth is.

Reason 4: Stay with me

Although cats are more independent in character than dogs, they still need their owners’ companionship and care. When it finds that there is a computer screen or a book that firmly attracts the attention of the owner, they will go to you as if to say, “Cat slave, don’t forget me the master.”  When it happens, leave everything and have a great time with your cats.