Is your cat truly happy? Tips to keep your cat feel complete happiness

As a cat owner, are you curious about whether your cat loves you or not? Sometimes they ignore you or seem unhappy. But actually, cats know humans pretty well. They are happy for as long as you treat them well. Try making a start by improving their quality of life to make them happier.

Hygiene – Ensure their litter tray is always clean. Selecting the suitable type of cat litter is important, as dusty litter sometimes sticks to your cat. Unlike dogs, cats stay at home and they don’t like to be smelly and messy all the time.

Cat food – Cat loses their temper with food. You should always pick the right ingredients and texture for them. Some cat food in the market doesn’t provide a suitable texture for cats. Just think about eating only vegetables every single day wouldn’t make you happy too.

My cat is currently eating an imported brand of cat food; Kakato dry and tinned food. They’ve used quality ingredients for their food. Feeding cat with different flavors is also important. Should always select a couple of different flavours for them. Usually, I select ocean fish & chicken kibbles and match them with either chicken & pumpkin, beef mousse or tuna tinned food for my cat. A tasty way to make them feel comfortable!

Playing – Sometimes cats feel lonely even if their living quality isn’t bad. Be sure to play with them frequently. I like to use the feather toy to make them move about by tickling it. You can also use electric toys if you are busy, or provide something for them to climb such as a climbing tree. To conclude, “A playful lifestyle makes a joyful cat”.