The Chinese New Year Gift for my little dog

My little dog is a Shiba Inu, I’ve had him for three years since I graduated from college. I remember I wasn’t used to life after leaving school. Until one day, when I went to a pet shop and saw his smile through my heart,  I decided to keep him without any hesitation.

I wasn’t well-prepared with stuff when I started to raise him. Therefore, we developed a revolutionary friendship. I started from not being able to understand him to the point that I can read his mind through every action he takes. Now I am a qualified dog owner.

In my opinion, even though dogs are not as delicate as cats, their diet cannot be ignored.  Nutrition should be comprehensive, and food influences his digestion functioning, so you cannot be too sloppy with their food.

I’ve been using Kakato for about a year and feed my dog with lamb flavour kibbles and a fixed amount of wet food.  There are many flavours of tinned to select from, with a range of meat and mousse series, rich in taste, it is suitable for both dogs and cats, and it’s made from human-grade ingredients.

Even my picky dog loves it so much, what more can I say about the taste?

My duty is to ensure he is provided with quality food and Kakato, I can be assured of that.  Kakato is from New Zealand, made with natural ingredients, providing a balanced diet to meet the nutritional needs for all life stages.

As for Lunar New Year, I bought Kakato tinned food, kibbles and snacks for my dog’s New Year gift! He definitely loved it!

I hope I can accompany my dog to grow healthily together for many years.