“Don’t get me wrong, I am not a crafty dog” Have you misunderstood your dog?

There is not only a crafty cat but there are also crafty dogs as well. At this time, we will talk about those dogs who have been misunderstood by their owners. We believe that many pet owners have had such experience, when they get home from work and open the door, you see the sofa being bitten, garbage is everywhere, and traces of tearing on the scattered items, you can’t help but think that Is your house been robbed? But then you realize that it’s all thanks to your lovely dog.

When you feel angry and want to abreact your dissatisfaction, the offender will come over and show you a strong emotional response. The little eyes seem to be telling you for “I am wrong, don’t be angry, I will never do it again.” The owners thought they would change, however, the same scene would be played again next time. It was really a crafty dog who knows how to guess people.

Wait a minute, have you ever thought that you may have misunderstood at the beginning? You think that its eyes are saying “I am wrong”. In fact, they are saying “Although you look angry, I really don’t understand what you are angry with.”

In fact, dog’s memory is short as well as goldfish, so it is difficult for dogs to associate their angry with their destructive behaviour. Being pitiful is just a habitual behaviour when their owners are angry, but over time they will find that being pitiful can calm their owner’s anger quickly, then it will become their trick to cope with their owners.

Of course, only knowing these is not enough, it is important to understand and prevent dogs from biting things from the root source. The reason why dogs always destroy things, except they are active, also they have Separation Anxiety Disorder. In view of this, Kakato provides some effective solutions for everyone.


1. Fair treatment

First of all, you need to let them know that biting things is wrong, snacks are a good reward. When you see your dog is biting the furniture, the owner must stop it in time and give a small punishment. If it obeys the command, you need to give verbal and material rewards.

As a premium pet food brand in New Zealand, Kakato provides dry food, healthy snacks and wet food in up to 26 flavours. We suggest owners can give their dogs some healthy snacks such as lamb, beef and chicken flavour, or some cans such as chicken & beef julienne flavour and other meat can be used as a reward.

The above healthy snacks are all used high-quality farms’ livestock from New Zealand, made by human-grade ingredients, and its use low-temperature air-drying method can preserve the original taste and nutrition of the food effectively, while the chicken & beef julienne flavour tinned food has rich protein, vitamins, and iron, not only tastes good but also meets the balanced nutrition of dogs.


2. Cultivate their independence

This is the main point, the owner needs to develop the ability of their dogs to be alone, thus reducing their Separation Anxiety Disorder.

Owners can often simulate some scenes that they are not at home, and slowly increase the time of leaving home and let the dog get used to it. In addition, it is necessary to satisfy the activity level of dogs and find a new playmate that can temporarily replace you. Some bite-resistant toys (such as nylon bone) or educational toys can distract the dog’s focus. With something that can be a pastime, dogs naturally won’t bite the furniture.

Humans claim that they are emotional animals, but sometimes they have excessive interpretations of emotional issues. These hairy children who are with us every day, when are they clever and smart, when are they innocent, as the owners, do you really understand them?