FIFA World Cup fanatics, don’t forget to take food supplement to care for your eyes!

With the progress of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, the matches are getting more and more intense!  Even the pets are watching the games alongside their cheering owners!  Come to check out the tips for pet food supplements from Kakato®.

  • Tomato

Tomato is small in size but certainly not so in nourishment and fibre.  Besides its high nutrient content, its taste of sourness and sweetness is also most flavoured by pets.

  • Carrot

Carrot is certainly on the list of natural foods that protect eye health.  Carrot is rich in β-carotene which is digested into Vitamin A, and the main role of Vitamin A is to maintain normal vision and the physiological function of Mucosal Epithelial Cells.  Carrot also contains water-soluble dietary fibers, which are good for pets on weight controlling diet.

  • Goji Berry

Goji Berry is a drug/food homologous plant, it’s very high in carotenoids and the amount of β-carotene contained is even higher than that in carrot itself, and its effects on eye and liver wellness are excellent.  But Goji Berries are usually made dry, and quite like raisins, in order for the nutrients to be more easily absorbed, they need to be softened with water before being fed to your pet.  If you’re not sure how they should be soaked for the best result, why not give your pets a taste of Simmered Duck with Goji Berries canned food, newly introduced in the Gold Fern collection by Kakato®, the quality pet food from New Zealand.

  • Liver

If your pet loves meat, you may want to add liver to their fresh diet.  Liver is rich in Vitamin A and protein, and its heavy scent could promptly induce their appetite, it is definitely a very good choice of food in supplementing protein and uplifting eye wellness!  The Chicken, Bovine Liver & Vegetables canned food by Kakato®, combining meat and vegetables to provide all-rounded nutrition, is a good choice in enhancing your pet’s nutrition with ease!

So whilst enjoying moments of the wonderful scores, do try out these eye care ideas, and together with your pet welcome the exciting experience of the World Cup final match!