How do we get the dogs to get along harmoniously when friends and relatives come to visit during Chinese New Year?

Friends and relatives may bring along their dogs to pay a new year call during the festive season, this is also a good chance for the dogs to make new friends, so seize the opportunity.

But your dog might get nervous when it sees unknown dogs and couldn’t keep its usual tameness, cuteness and politeness, and would even get noisy with the other dogs.  This kind of emotional temper could be caused by stress and tension. How to keep the dogs harmonious when everyone gets together?

Kakato has a few suggestions for the pet owners, let’s try the following:


Go out more frequently to see new faces

First of all, pet owners can try to readjust the sensitive emotion of their dogs when met by other unknown dogs.  Bring them out for an after-meal walk more often, so they could meet with more people and play with other dogs.  Pet owners need to be by their side to give them a sense of security which in turn will lessen their stress.  If pet owners find their dogs suddenly turn uneasy and unsettling, they need to intervene and appease them.  Over time, they would not be hostile towards new faces and they might perhaps even turn into social butterflies.


Encouragement plus reward to cultivate conditioning

Pet owners can first soothe and calm down the dogs when being in contact with unknown humans or unknown dogs, then followed by verbal praise, gentle touch or food reward to associate the encounters with happiness, and these are good ways for encouragement.  Repeat these measures to deepen the impression, condition the dog with a good association to slowly reduce violent behaviour.

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With the approaching of the Year of the Dog

Kakato wishes pet owners and their fur kids

Good health

And a better year ahead