High quality food for my cat

Our domestic cat Seven is now 10 months old, and it is on a growing stage. It was only fist-size when it was firstborn.  I  had to feed it little by little, it wasn’t easy! I take care of it as if it was my child, and give it the healthiest and nutritionally balanced cat food. Now it’s strong and super cute.

When we take it out for a walk, passed-by people usually stroke it, and it really likes that my friend recommended Kakato to me. My cat likes it so much that it has been eating it for two months now.

I choose cat food with caution and care. I choose Kakato because it is healthy and natural with the use of high-quality ingredients. One of Seven’s favourite flavour is tuna, so I usually give Tuna & Seaweed, and Tuna & Mackerel to it. You can smell the freshness once you open the can! Every time I open the lid, Seven rushes out to eat. Another reason for choosing Kakato is that it does not contain any artificial colouring, flavouring, preservatives or chemicals. It is also safe for human consumption. Seeing Seven eating it so deliciously makes me want to eat it too!

Kakato tinned food is suitable for both cats and dogs because it does not have any additives. This helps you to save money if you have both cats and dogs at home!