“Hypocrisy” is the biggest misunderstanding of cats!

Most pet seems to be born with a pure and harmless face, having to spend a lot of time with their owner, sometimes they will do something to confound them. It makes the owners think that they have a crafty pet. Regarding this, pets feel wronged and unjustly treated, with their owners misunderstanding them. If you don’t believe it, you can look at the following scenarios. In fact, the correct interpretations should be like this.

When you are at home, your cat would walk into the cat litter tray when they want to go to the toilet. But when there are none at home, they will urinate anywhere. This type of situation has led to confusion for their owners, worrying about if their pets have been treated well enough. Why should they be treated like this by their pets?

Many people think that this erratic behaviour is ascribable to the cat’s arrogant characteristic, but in fact, this may be a sign of illness. Some research found that this kind of behaviour is probably affected by Separation anxiety disorder (SAD).

Although cats always give us a very arrogant feeling, it doesn’t mean they are inconstant in love. On the contrary, most cats are very dependent on their families. Therefore, when their owner is not at home, they can easily become anxious, so that they need to make the room filled with their own sense through excretion, thus obtaining a small sense of security, thereby gaining sense of security.

To alleviate SAD, we suggest owners can start from the following two aspects.


Always accompany your pet

When you found that your cat feels a little anxious, you can gently touch your cat, or talk to them. Cats like to be touched on their face and chin, those who ignore their emotions or act only to satisfy their needs will only exacerbate their anxiety.


Food therapy

Feed your cats their favourite foods can make them feel a little better. At the same time, improving the diet can also make the cat feel the care of the owner. We recommend owners can choose a balanced and delicious wet food to improve their appetite and mood.


As a New Zealand premium pet food brand, we provide pets with a collection of dry food, healthy snacks and tinned foods in up to 26 flavours. Tinned food has high water content and quality ingredients (Contains poultry, sea fish, vegetables). It combines taste and nutrition, which can effectively reduce the risk of kidney stone disease and calculus. It is definitely the first choice of diet for cats.

If your cat has a serious SAD, it is recommended to consult a professional veterinarian as soon as possible to allow the cat to recover quickly.