Kakato Scholarship 2016 Dec‘s Diary

December is the month to submit lots of different reports, hope that can finish them before the exam to let me concentrate of study to prepare for the exam.  The breeding rhododendron trifoliate ebony has emerged successfully and can complete the Liberal Studies report.

Another major event in December is that the muscle part of the Anatomy is almost complete and have to submit a report and have an exam.  The report is about drawing, at least have to draw 8 muscle pictures. I always drew in the midnight is really tired but it is satisfaction when the works were finished.

I have to prepare for the exam after the Christmas Holiday, the last exam had not done very well, so this time have to do better.

Chau Sin Lee

This month was also spent studying, because the exam for anatomy is coming, and this time it is muscle tissue, the curriculum is a lot more than a skeleton.  For homework, we also need to draw muscle diagrams, therefore need to study nearly every day.  Also need to memorize the words in other subjects like Japanese.  This year was the first time I spent New Year’s Eve alone, I could see the firework on Building 101 from my room, it was very beautiful!

Yeu Ernest