Kakato Scholarship 2016 Nov‘s Diary

7th November will start the midterm examination, have to study everyday to prepare the exam.  Each Liberal Studies reports are keep going, the bugs finally became pupa, waiting for it to break out on someday.

“Knowing about starry night” report have to submit.  But we were not observed Jupiter, so we had to go out at 4am to observed Jupiter.  Jupiter is near the sun, so we had to do the research before sunrise. It is a unforgettable experience of doing research and observed Jupiter.

After midterm exam, the bone chapter of Anatomy was finished, the muscle chapter has to begin.  First time holding a scalpel to do dissection for hold day, physical challenges and spiritual shocks made me serious review myself after the lesson.  Could I arrange my time and health more better to face all the challenge? Then I started a timetable to do exercise.

Professor said that learning muscle is good for us for do surgery in the future.  Avoid hurting muscle and reach the target between each muscle is the best handle for patient.  So I treasure every anatomical opportunity to learning.

After the midterm exam is our school sports day, I enrolled in “Tug of War” and “20 people, 21 feats”.  That also a new experience for me.

Chau Sin Lee

This month was spent in study.  Following the mid-term exam for skeletal Anatomy came the Muscle Anatomy, exam of which is in a month.  Course content for Muscle Anatomy was many, on top of the muscle positions, the beginning and ending points of muscles, functions and nerves also need to be memorized.  Therefore need to study every week.  Also, I got my mid-term exam results, it was satisfactory.  I got the full mark on biostatistics which I was least good at.  This month I participated in the 21km relay race at the university sports game, 7 of us each ran for 3km, we finished with quite a good result. 

Yeu Ernest