Kakato Scholarship 2017 Dec‘s Diary

As autopsy lessons are compulsory for year one students, we needed to do Marlin perfusion on the dog remains.  The work was open for participation by the year two students, I was responsible for one of them.  I was involved in the process of finding the carotid artery to the cannula perfusion, and to the intramuscular injection.  This undertaking put the knowledge I have learned in animal autopsy and physiology into use, and was a rare and valuable experience.

We visited “Treasure Hill” because of the General Knowledge lesion.  It was a historical building revamped as “Taipei Artist Village” and started operation in 2010, introducing groups and activities like residency artists and youth club.  It has also become a platform between the local residents and the artists.

The most impressive thing about this place was that some workers of art would put up self-service stalls where you put money in the box provided and take the things you’re interested in.  I was a little touched by this mode of purchase as this showed their trust in people.
Chau Sin Lee

All the mid-term tests have ended, I went to Tam Sui with a few classmates.  It was a fun place to visit.  There were a lot of shops selling snacks which resemble that of night markets.  The most popular snack there was fried cuttlefish which I tried and found very tasty.  I also tried the tall ice cream which was also famous in Taiwan night markets; however, since it was very tall so the water content of it was very high in order to maintain its shape, which made it not delicious at all.  Also, the scenery was breathtaking and I took a few pictures of the sky.  After that, I started revising again because there were a lot of contents that were to be examed.

Yeu Ernest

It has been four months already since I got into NTU, and my knowledge of veterinary medicine is becoming richer. In this month, I finally made my very first attempt – to anatomize.  Don’t get me wrong. We did not kill the doggies, who were already dead before they were sent to NTU for educational purposes. I hadn’t taken biology as one of my electives in high school, therefore, being able to anatomize an animal on my own amazes me very much. In the anatomy laboratory lessons, I have learned the shapes and positions of every muscle in the body of the animals, as well as their internal structures and reproduction system, which truly benefited me very much! Now, whenever I saw a dog on the street, I could be able to point each of the muscles and tell their names, that really delights me a lot. Last but not least, the first semester is gonna end very soon, but I believe that I would persist in pursuing my dream forever!

Lau Wun Lam