Kakato Scholarship 2017 Feb‘s Diary

The school starts on February 20th and the most important thing for each student is to choose classes. I am very cautious in this semester and I took 24 credits in total, only one general education course and then one sports course, extra-curricular and elective courses. I wish to have a balanced and healthy study cycle.

As for the sports, I have chosen a tennis course. I haven’t tried to play before. I hope to learn new sports from college time. As for electives courses. I have chosen forensic medicine that I have always been interested in. This is advanced forensic science. It is a continuation of common law medicine in the last semester. Every time I go to class, I always look forward to it. The animal rights course in the department is to educate students to think about the welfare of animals from different angles. This is a very practical class for veterinary students, teaching us to establish correct values.

Regarding the compulsory courses, the main event is still on organic chemistry. I realize that the rate of disqualification is very high, so I am completely focused, spending more time on it and try my best to get a higher score.

Another important thing is that I applied for a dormitory change and it has been approved. I spent a night moving everything. The reason for changing rooms is because the living habits of the former roommates are not in line with mine. It has seriously affected my sleeping quality, and I am afraid that our worsen relationship will affect my studies. After changing the room, the environment is very quiet, which is more suitable for my type of reading in the room.

I have absorbed the experience of the previous semester and hope to have a good start in the new semester, and develop well in my professional field and other fields.

Chau Sin Lee

The first half of February was spent at work, I have rested a few days and goes places with my family and my girlfriend before I returned to Taiwan.  This semester I have studied for 25 credits.  Luckily there was no class on Monday, so I have a long weekend for rest.  This semester I took a football class to strengthen my basic skills.  There will be many matches in March, I need to be better prepared.

Yeu Ernest