Kakato Scholarship 2017 Jan‘s Diary

After a week of intense final exams, I should have begun to look forward to the long winter vacation. However, I wasn’t doing great in general chemistry, so when I was waiting for the results, I was so nervous and afraid that I might have failed the subject. The results were announced on the 20th, although the test result was not as expected, my final score was 25 credits.

The winter vacation finally started. When I returned to Hong Kong, I also started part-time work. Because my chemical foundation is not strong enough, after careful consideration, I decided to prepare for organic chemistry during the winter vacation. I hope that I can keep up with the progress in the new semester, so I arrange to work in the daytime and study after work. I do felt working is a lot more tired than studying. Hence, the progress of my preparation is a bit slow.

Chau Sin Lee

I am going back to Hong Kong this month, but since my attention was all on my exams, I did not have the heart to anticipate.  My biggest worry was the chemistry exam because I did not do well last time, so I needed to double my effort.  I did not sleep well those few nights that the results came out, luckily I got A- for chemistry and GPA was not bad, at 3.98.  I wish I could work harder next semester and got better results.  Back in Hong Kong, I found part-time jobs in supermarkets during Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day, because I did not want to spend my family’s money on entertainment with my friends.  I worked in the seafood department, not easy at the beginning because I needed to stand 8 to 9 hours.  On the other hand, colleagues are all very efficient, I spent efforts to catch up.  My colleagues now allow me to man the fish stall by myself.  I get along happily with my pets at home, whenever I use my computer, my cat will jump to my lap to sleep, so cute.
— Yeu Ernest