Kakato Scholarship 2017 Jun‘s Diary

After finishing the section of blood vessel nerves in anatomy, what followed was sensory. Since this involved very delicate organs like eyeballs, ear channels, skin etc. so apart from actual body anatomy, models would also be used in teaching.  This was also the first time we were given a rat to work on.

The summer holiday started, I wanted to take this opportunity to have more contact with animals, so my first step was to be a volunteer at the Hong Kong Rabbit Society.  It was my first try to clean and feed small rabbits and also learn the proper way to hold them.  A very special and impressive experience was to have met this big French lop-eared rabbit named “Giant”.  In order to know them more, I searched for their feeding information and with my limited basic knowledge also learn about how the bacteria “Klebsiella oxytoca” affected humans and animals.

Hoping to share more different experiences next month.

— Chau Sin Lee

This month was mostly spent on studying and exams.  The first day of my exam was from 10 in the morning to 10 in the evening, I only had time to have lunch and dinner, other than that, all the hours were spent on exams.  The hardest one was an elective about logic because the exam content was much harder than that taught during the lesson.  Luckily, there was not much rain after the final exam, unlike the past few weeks, so I got to cycle more.  Otherwise, I stayed in my room to play computer games.  I really look forward to returning home soon.

Yeu Ernest