Kakato Scholarship 2017 Mar‘s Diary

After switching to a new room, my life and work have slowly been adjusted back. I made up my mind to purchase a one-month sports room membership, hoping to enhance my body condition to cope with the busy school.

In addition, after consulting with my class tutor, I have new ideas about my current life. The advice she gave us is that the higher academic levels we are, the more professional we will be. In the first and second grades, we should develop in many aspects. For example, pet training and pet nutrition, etc., and learning from extracurricular books can help us to develop comprehensively. We should also cultivate other interests because she understands that we need to withstand huge pressures both in the schooling stage and in the future. Succulents have become one of my interests.

Chau Sin Lee

I went to Tai Chung in March to participate in the University Student Football Cup Championship.  This championship was open to all students of Bioresources and Agricultural Science in Taiwan.  4 teams participated including students of School of Veterinary Medicine of National Taiwan University.  Luckily we won all the matches without losing one score, and I even scored once, our team finally won the champion.  By the end of March, I went to Pingtung to participate in the Veterinary Student Football Cup Championship.  This championship was open to all students of Veterinary Medicine in Taiwan.  5 universities participated, and I joined the football match.  I also scored once but we lost to the National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, we were the second runner up.  Since most of the main players in our team are graduating, the captain said I would be the main force starting next year.  I will practise more not to let my team down.
Yeu Ernest