Kakato Scholarship 2017 May‘s Diary

This was Anatomy practice, a part of Vascular studies.  Here the tutor was carefully explaining the positions of the more important nerves.  The most impressive of this session was that we got to feel the touch of nerves and arteries, though both of them were of the same elasticity, nerves have a more “solid” feel than the arteries.

It would take 30 successive ball exchanges to pass the tennis exam.  This made me understand the importance of cooperation and inclusiveness, it is never enough to just hit the ball, but where it would land and whether the other party would easily pick it up are also very important.  Many thanks to my teammate who has practised with me, I finally made it.

— Chau Sin Lee

Everything was done except one video clip required for an elective course about different classical music composers.  It was a group project and I was responsible for gathering all the information collected by my group mates and producing a short video clip.  However, they only gave me the required information I needed the night before the deadline, so I had to stay up all night to finish the clip, I hope that I could be luckier with the choice of group mates next time.  June is approaching, I need to start preparing for the finals.

Yeu Ernest