Kakato Scholarship 2017 Nov‘s Diary

I was commissioned by the Division of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Chinese Students to be a teaching assistant in their “Animal Behaviour Workshop”.  We were arranged to meet with the vet in the zoo prior to the event, and they introduced simple animal behavioural training such as “positive reinforcement”, to reinforce their behaviour by giving rewards.

We have many learnings in the process, I always thought that animal training had little to do with vets, but in fact animals’ well being could be improved by behavioural training.  For example, simple medical procedures like blood drawing and blood pressure taking, if done on well-trained animals, could be anaesthesia-free to avoid the risk of anaesthesia.

— Chau Sin Lee

The whole month was occupied by exams and football competitions. The exams were very difficult, especially the practical exam for histology, where we had to tell what were the types of tissues in the photos shown to us. We were only given a minute per photo for answering. For the football competitions, our team lost all of them since our team had been relying on Hong Kong students in the past years, but most of them had graduated so our team only had a few people left that know how to play football well, others were still newbies. As a result, we lost all the matches and it was quite frustrating.

Yeu Ernest

Everybody in NTU became so busy suddenly when it comes to November, the month of mid-term exams. Different from Hong Kong’s universities, studying 10 subjects in one semester is basically nothing surprising. Despite the fact that I’ve only got 4 mid-terms, which are relatively little compared to others, I could hardly experience any stress while having my first time being examined in NTU. Fortunately, I have actually learned some of the subjects before(such as Statistics), my exam results are still acceptable. What is worth noting is that I was indeed not too confident of my ability in veterinary anatomy and passing the exam since I’ve got no background knowledge in biology. To my surprise, my result in the exam was unexpectedly good! I sincerely wish that I could be able to achieve “All-Pass” in the following years!

Lau Wun Lam