Kakato Scholarship 2017 Sep‘s Diary

After finishing class, a classmate asked me to help out a baby squirrel that fell down from a tree and was barely alive.  We put the squirrel in a paper box intending to notify our teacher to take it to the veterinary hospital, but our teacher was out of the country and the mom of the baby squirrel was hovering around and we were at a loss of what to do next.  During this time, we tried to find different animal shelters or organizations hoping to find a vet who could treat a wild squirrel.  We finally found a senior student working in a veterinary hospital who could help, and when she took the squirrel from us, the mother squirrel’s continued screaming was really heartbreaking, maybe she knew that this might be her last sight of her baby.  The condition of the squirrel continued to deteriorate after getting to the hospital, and it died despite revival treatment from the vet.  An autopsy showed that it died because its kidneys have fallen out of its abdominal cavity. This was a very bad result but also a precious experience for us, we hope we could better handle the rescue if something similar happened again.

— Chau Sin Lee

This year I have been appointed as the vice-captain of the vet football team. I need to give ideas about training and tactics and a lot of things because my teammates trust me.  Also, I was responsible for the first gathering of foreign vet students so September was a really busy month for me. One lucky thing that worth mentioning this month was that I could take the Japanese intermediate course. The course was full initially but luckily someone dropped out and I was chosen to take the course in a lucky draw. I really wanted to study this course so I was happy about it.

Yeu Ernest

In the past, whenever I was going to visit Taiwan, I was really excited and looked forward to the trip a lot, and I didn’t want to go back to Hong Kong. This time, as the time moving on meaning that the time to leave HK is coming soon, I would rather stop the time. I felt so confused and frustrated towards the fact that I am going to study vet in Taiwan. I could still clearly recall how I was longing for the life of studying vet in Taiwan months ago, dreaming all the details about it. On the other hand, all my feelings of now became nervousness and frustration that I was unwilling to leave my home when I have lived in almost 20 years. Nevertheless, I understand nothing in the world is perfect. There is always something forgone to achieve a goal. Hence, bearing this in mind, I soon got over those negative emotions.

After arriving at National Taiwan University (NTU), I was amazed by the completely different lifestyle here. Despite the past 2 years in HKU, college life in NTU is still fresh to me in every sense. I was overwhelmed by a wide array of different student societies and clubs. It also fascinates me that bike becomes the main transportation in such a large and green campus. On top of that, the Taiwanese are really nice and amiable. All these marks a good start to my journey in Taiwan.

Lau Wun Lam