Kakato Scholarship 2018 Feb‘s Diary

On the last day of my internship at the clinic, there came an emergency case that left me with a deep impression. A seven-year-old cat weighed around 10kg was rushed in for refusing food but was unfortunately not revivable after a series of rescue aid measures. I was very tensed at the time as this was my first such experience.  But the most impressive thing of all was the size of the cat, the obesity was so full-blown as beyond imagination. How could the owner have allowed his pet to grow into such a state?  Was the food not right?  Was the feeding method not right?  Was it an untreated illness? I couldn’t find the answer.  Because of this cat, I got to understand the importance of pet nutrition, in fact, there is a course of “Pet Nutrition”, but since it’s not compulsory, I didn’t take it both last and this year due to collision of class schedule, I’m hoping that I could get to take this course before my graduation.

Class schedule for year 2, totalling 25 credits, hoping to finish them smoothly in this semester.

— Chau Sin Lee

Having the opportunity to work as a volunteer in an animal clinic, I have the chance to further practice the skills such as intravenous injection, blood collecting, performing intravenous drip and giving subcutaneous injections which are important in future practice. After returning to Taiwan, I started to plan my timetable for each day. I successfully enrolled in a Japanese class and was looking forward to the practical lessons.

— Yeu Ernest

After the long long semester, I am finally at my home in Hong Kong! Probably due to the fact that it was my very first time leaving home for such a long time, I was so touched and excited while seeing the familiar environment here, and I also gradually know the feeling of homesick of overseas students. In this one-month time, I have dated so many friends. We didn’t see each other for a long time, however, I still felt a strong kinship with them, like what we did in the past. The lunar new year was right in the middle of February, hence everywhere in Hong Kong was cheerful and full of a new year atmosphere. Shopping in the flower market has always been one of my favourites, and this year is no exception. I brought a paper pinwheel and an adorable doggy doll, which are simply amazing. This year, I wish my parents good health, and myself a good study as a vet!

Lau Wun Lam