Kakato Scholarship 2018 Jan‘s Diary

I went back to Hong Kong for an internship in a veterinary clinic after my final exam in January.  It was only for 6 days, but I learned many practical knowledge and skills.  Although I finished my Parasitology, the vast amount of knowledge was still fragmented in my mind, the vet in the clinic would especially explain some related common diseases seen in the clinic like heartworm and calf fever, so I could review it once again.  During my internship in the clinic, in order not to disturb the work of the vets and the nurses, we could only stay at the door of the consultation room to listen in.  We could stand aside from the vets during an operation so we could learn some basic medical skills like how to keep the animal still, subcutaneous saline injection and post-operation care.  I would strive for different internship opportunities to enrich my knowledge.

— Chau Sin Lee

Exams started in the second week of this month. I had 7 exams in 3 days so it was a very tough challenge, especially when I have fallen sick during the exam week. Also, I found that I have underestimated the workload of revising all the notes and I could not revise them all well. I have tried my best but my best wasn’t good enough, as a result, I had very disappointing results, failing in physiology and histology practice. I already planned the study schedule for the next semester in order to not make the same mistake. Also, I have returned to the clinic to work as a volunteer.

Yeu Ernest

January, the week of examinations, finally comes, meaning that I am going to face my first exam in Taiwan. Different from exams held by Hong Kong’s universities, the exams of NTU are all distributed across the same week. Hence, I have to take at least one exam every day, which is really demanding and not easy for me! To cope with the heavy study pressure, I could hardly relax and studied almost every minute. Nevertheless, I still overcame that, and the long-awaited winter break finally comes! During this holiday, I went to the northern coast and visited the Queen’s Head Rock with my Taiwanese friend. The view was really spectacular. We also enjoyed our dinner in Keelung Night Market, and the food there was simply awesome at a reasonable price. Indeed, I am a huge fan of a bicycle, so I also went cycling with another friend to Tamshui, which took me 2.5 hours. It was really exhausting, though, I did enjoy so much fun in it and challenge myself!

Lau Wun Lam