Kakato Scholarship 2018 Mar‘s Diary

School started in March, a series of experiments has been lined up including bacteria experiment, virus experiment, physiological experiment and biochemical experiment.  Each of these experiments would take a long time but they are going to be novel and fun, and practical too.  For example, the bacteria experiment requires us to culture bacteria, and the technique is necessary for future clinical practice.   Treatment of abscess require prior bacteria culture to set up the program of treatment; virus experiment at the moment is to teach us how to culture virus in cells, more related to research and study; physiological and biochemical experiments are more tend to verify the theories in textbooks.  Here below are pictures taken during the experiments.

— Chau Sin Lee

I found the practical lessons the most interesting. In the bacteria practical lesson, I learned how to stain bacteria and observe the slide with a light microscope and distinguish between gram-positive and negative bacteria as well as their morphology (cocci or bacilli). In the physiology practical lesson, I had the chance to analyze the brain waves of a mouse. I had to identify the mouse as wake, nonrapid eye movement (NREM) sleep, or rapid eye movement sleep (REM). I was taught that animals normally will not enter REM sleep from the wake state directly except those suffering from narcolepsy.

When analyzing the data, I had to consider a lot of information including the frequency and amplitude of the waves.

— Yeu Ernest

Time flies. The second semester has started in the blink of an eye. In this semester, I hope to try some new things, so as to better get familiar with the veterinary sector. Luckily, under the reference of senior, I applied for the internship in veterinary hospital successfully, which marks a new start in my life. I was really excited and looking forward to it!

Though I only have to work a few hours per week, I did learn a lot there, especially the medical knowledge regarding veterinary science. Basically, my work resembles that of veterinary assistants. I have learned a variety of medical techniques, including a blood test, IV injections, feeding medicine as well as measuring blood pressure and body temperature. What inspires me most is the opportunity to listen to consultation between the doctor and the client. For example, I got the chance to see how to deal with a perineal hernia which I just learned in school months ago, which really taught me a lot.

Lau Wun Lam