Kakato Scholarship 2019 March‘s Diary


It has been about two weeks since school started. All courses have been arranged already, except the compulsory courses. I have added a general education about nutrition course and PE course. In this semester, I haven’t added too much credit since the compulsory courses in the summer semester in year 3 are very hard.

My internship in anaesthesia practice this semester is quite special for me because I need to learn the whole process of anaesthesia. The school arranged for our internship students to be grouped and study with surgeons who work in hospitals, what we faced is the patients who went to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. The patient we met for the first day was a one-year-old mini Yorkshire, which came for the sterilization surgery. The doctor took us to do the preoperative assessment, risk assessment for the patient, and teach us the operation of the anaesthesia machine, application and consideration of the anaesthetic medicine. The physical condition of the mini Yorkshire is normal on that day, but it has a tendency of Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome. Also, since its body is mini, it is easy to lose the body temperature. These are all things we should pay attention to when we do anaesthesia on animals. In the course of the surgery, our responsibility is to record the physiological indexes such as heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate during the anaesthesia every five minutes, taking care of the process of recovery and records it.

Although we will do preparation before the lesson, it still is a bit messy in the actual process. This internship made me realize that I have a lot of deficiencies, a lot of knowledge needs to be learned, and a lot of experience needs to be accumulated. And it consolidates what I have learned in the classroom, so I will cherish only two internship opportunities in a semester.

— Chau Sin Lee


I thought the previous semester was already the hardest one, but after the first few weeks of this one, I knew the previous semester was just a joke. The workload was at least doubled since there were 6 pharmacology lessons a week instead of 3 in the previous semester, and there were a lot of things to be taught in clinical pathology lessons. Also, I travelled to Taichung for the Vet Cup, and as the football team captain, my teammates and I won the champion. I felt that my hard work had paid off because I had been working on the tactics and improving my own skills since the beginning of this school year in order to lead my team to victory in this competition.

— Yeu Ernest


 The second semester has just started a month, but I could already feel the great difference with the last semester: In this semester, I got many laboratory lessons. The lectures are not as scary as before, and at least now I could still catch up with the progress (I hope it could last till the end of the semester!).

Besides, I having been wishing to take the Animal Caring course, which differs from the normal courses a lot. Instead of just sitting in the lectures, field practice is strongly emphasized that students would need to really take part in the practical work such as helping surgical contraception in the rural areas and taking care of stray animals in animal shelters. No doubt, this course is quite time-consuming, but it can at the same time let students know and understand more about the adverse situation faced by the community animals, as well as help establish the sense of caring for the animals. These are the reasons why I want to become a vet! The application for the course, nevertheless, was too competitive that I failed to get the seat successfully. On the other hand, I could foresee that the study burden and workload in the next year would be much much heavier than this semester. I am really doubtful that I could manage to take this course and deal with the other course at the same time… It is really a struggling choice for me!

— Lau Wun Lam