Kakato Scholarship 2019 February‘s Diary


After the happy winter holiday,  the semester 2 of year 3 which I call hell has came. This time, there was no excitement anymore.  On the contrary, it is very tense. But no matter how uneasy I am, the semester start as usual. In addition to the same pharmacology and pathology as last semester, there are also anesthesiology and clinical pathology course in this semester, which are a very relevant course.

What made me most profound was clinical pathology. In the first class, the teacher said: “You must have the sense of empathy and understand the pain of the patients, so today your task is to find a team member and help each other to pump 1 cc of blood. In this process, whether you draw others’ blood or others draw your blood, it will be very nervous. It is because the one who draw others’ blood will afraid that he will hurt the others, and the person who is being drawn will fear that it will hurt him. Fortunately, I have a teammate with obvious blood vessels, so I complete the task with one shot only. However, as my blood vessels are not obvious and easy to bounce off, so I have drawn by my teammate twice. Therefore, I think the two needles are normal. With this experience, I have a deeper experience in blood drawing. I believe that in the future, when I am in the internship, I will be more calm and accurate when I draw blood for dogs.


— Chau Sin Lee