Kakato Scholarship 2019 January‘s Diary

January is the final exam month, but I still have the opportunity to go to the clinic for an internship, because this is the only time I can put aside the troubles of studying and concentrate on the animals which I am looking after in the middle of the academic year. This is a specialized hospital that concentrates on non-dogs and cats. You can see many unusual animals there. Those small animals are not the same as the smaller dogs and cats. There are many different techniques for treating dogs and cats, which is an eye-opening experience and I have learnt a lot of practical knowledge.

To take care of such small pets, towels are a very useful tool. When they are wrapped, it can resist the struggle of the animal and prevent you from being scratched.
Just like the rabbit in the above photo, its appetite is not well due to illness, it needs to be force-fed, and it is very stable after being wrapped with a towel.

A small syringe is also a good tool for feeding. Above is a squirrel that falls from the tree for unknown reasons. It needs to be force-fed because it is too debilitated.

This is my first time in contact with a horned frog in my life, I was a little scared, but if I have more opportunities to practice, I can definitely overcome it.

If rabbits have severely long nails. It is recommended not to wait too long before looking for a veterinarian.

— Chau Sin Lee


This month is the final exam month. I had 8 exams in 4 days which is tiring. After the exams, I felt that there is nothing impossible if I can get through this year. The pharmacology exam was easier than the midterm exam since the syllabus was more concrete in which I had to memorize almost 100 drugs. I finally got to return home and I didn’t go to work in this holiday since I wanted to take a break. Theoretically, this is my last long holiday because I will have practical training in the summer holiday and I have to have the training in the NTU Veterinary hospital in the next summer holiday. I hope I can have more time to stay with my mother and my 3 pets.

— Yeu Ernest


Bike cycling has always been my favourite sport. Hence, after seeing the promotion of 5 days cycling in Hualien and Taitung by the bike club of NTY, I went to apply for the program immediately and could not wait for it. Being a great enthusiast of cycling, I have been cycling often along the riverside near NTU for a couple of hours, and the longest journey is even from NTU to Tamsui! Nevertheless, this time, the trip lasts for 5 days and we have to ride on a bike continuously during these days, which could be way more demanding and challenging!

As expected, after the first day of cycling, i was super tired and felt like there was no more energy for me. Fortunately, a friend of mine kindly exchanged his bike, which is much lighter and faster, with me, so as to relieve my tiredness and help me persist in the remaining days. To me, this bike trip is a great challenge to my own self. Don’t be faked by the fact that bike could only turn your leg muscles sour, indeed, all parts of your body, especially shoulders and hips, could get exhausted after carrying the backpack and sitting on the bike for a considerably long time! However, I still think this is really an awesome trip of great worth since the sceneries in Hualian and Taitung are simply astonishing and took my breath away, which are very different from what I see in the hustle and bustle of Taipei.  I wish in the following years I could be able to go cycling around the whole Taiwan island! 

— Lau Wun Lam