Kakato Scholarship 2019 June‘s Diary

The midterm exam result of clinical pathology came out, although I passed the score was lower than I expected, so I worked extra hard on this course because I felt that I could do better and I love this course. I prepared for the final exam earlier than usual so I had spare time to cook my own dinner almost every day and I felt that my pressure was not that high when comparing to the previous exam periods. I hope that my hard work can pay off. I slept for 11 hours after finishing the last exam. I felt that I did better in the final exam of clinical pathology than that of midterm and I hope that it was the case.

— Yeu Ernest

After the final exam in mid-June, he went to Kadoorie Farm in Hong Kong for an internship for three weeks. Kadoorie Farm is mainly wildlife rescue, including birds and reptiles, the farm also has birds of prey, bats, red deer and monkeys live, when their health problems, need the help of the farm’s veterinary team. The Kadoorie Farm Veterinary Team’s training for interns is complete and requires us to recognize the differences and concepts of wildlife distribution, habits, anatomy, anaesthesia precautions and treatment of wild animals and canines in Hong Kong.

The first week the veterinary team asked us to take care of the animals in the hospital in the morning, such as feeding, washing wounds, feeding and injections. Upon completion, self-review the anatomy of birds, turtles and snakes and various different physiological systems from dogs and cats, and conduct autopsies in the afternoon, while the anatomical introduction to the characteristics of each physiological system. In addition, because this site is a wildlife rescue centre, so every day from time to time a variety of injured wild animals, we will follow the veterinarian to check for them, decide on treatment options and so on. The work here starts every morning from 8:30 to 5:00 p.m., a time when work is constant, and I’m stressed at the beginning of my exposure to the internship, but I’m confident That I’ll be able to get used to it soon.

— Yoki Chau