Kakato Scholarship 2019 May‘s Diary

In mid-May, I finished my last kennel work this semester. After a year of getting along with them, I have gained valuable experience with dogs which I have never had a dog before, including cleaning, feeding and take care of them. I am a bit sad about leaving them, I hope that they will still be healthy and happy when I see them again in the next semester.

The second anaesthesia internship was conducted at the end of May. Unlike the first one, the teacher will give the report of the blood test of the patient, and the result of the physical examination of the patient assessment by the doctor to us the night before. Then According to the patient’s physiological conditions, develop an anaesthesia plan suitable for the patient, including the drugs required and the reasons why I choose it. This is a good practice opportunity because it allows us to thoroughly think about the characteristics of each anaesthetic.

The teacher gave a detailed introduction to each of the anaesthesia-related drugs in the classroom. What we need to do is to understand each drug clearly and then use it flexibly according to different patients and conditions. After finishing all internships and work-reading, I need to concentrate on the final exam in June.

— Chau Sin Lee


This month is a short rest period between the midterm exam and final exam. I saw the photos of my secondary schoolmates and classmates back when I was studying in CUHK who were having their graduation trips already. Time flies and they were already ready to go on a new page of life. I began to imagine what life would be like for me two years later when I graduate.

— Yeu Ernest