Kakato Scholarship 2020 August's Diary

This month I spent a week in Kinmen. The trip was held by the Mainland Affairs Council. We visited a lot of military fortifications and battle museums. I also experienced my first paintball game and kayaking, and both were really fun activities. From this trip I learnt a lot more about the history of Taiwan and the importance of Kinmen to Taiwan. The lack of high-rise buildings and crowds together with the beautiful weather reminded me of Lamma Island and Cheung Chau in Hong Kong. In conclusion it was a nice chance for me to escape the crowds. Another incident in August was that I found a stray cat on the street, and luckily in Taiwan cats are also chipped just like dogs in Hong Kong, so that I managed to contact its owner in 3 days. And I feel that Hong Kong should also implement cat chipping that contains the info of the owner, because right now in Hong Kong even if the cat is chipped it doesn’t contain any of the owner’s info, it just allows the scanner to be able to detect the microchip in the cat.

-Ernest Yu