Kakato Scholarship 2021 August's Diary

Compared to the surgical department, a place full of tension and pressure, the internal medicine department is way lighter loaded.

I spent 3 weeks here for the clinical rotation (there is one more in the next semester), and I firstly felt like I was really “working” in the hospital (the previous hospital experience only involved very simple tasks or observation for most of the time).

Briefly tell you guys what I would be doing in the internal medicine department: first I needed to inquire the owners regarding the problem and details of the animal once they had arrived at the hospital. I also had to finish and submit the medical records before the end of each day. Don’t underestimate this task!

I had to keep thinking all the time and deduce the possible differential diagnoses in my mind so as to ask the proper questions! It would also be essential to pay attention to the wordings and way of description when asking questions, such that the owners could make an answer in the correct direction.

It would never be an easy task. Keep it up, Linda!