Kakato Scholarship 2021 January's Diary

As a result of the epidemic, during this winter break, I still had to stay in Taiwan and could not get back home for the Chinese new year celebration. As of last I decided to get back to and get an internship in Taitung Animal Shelter to spend my winter break there. It is because the internship there last summer vacation was so unforgettable. I have also established a valuable friendship with the doctor.

It has been almost half a year since my last surgery is done, so in the beginning, I just played as an observer mainly. Later on, I started to suture the muscles, and lastly, I could manage to finish the whole surgery on my own. In the last internship the only operation I had done was OHE (the neutering for female dogs), hence this time I also wanted to learn about the castration for male dogs and cats. At last, I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to participate in the castration for a big dog, a puppy and a cat. For the castration of puppy, it actually resembles that of cats, while it was the hardest one among three to perform the neutering surgery on a big size dog since their eggs are really difficult to be squeezed out!

I really appreciated the opportunity of getting an internship here. Indeed, performing a neutering surgery is one of the most essential skills that a veterinarian should have. I did learn a lot here in Taitung Animal Shelter.

-Linda Lau


This month a Bankhar and a Great Dane came to the hospital for rehabilitation. Both of them were around 60kg and it was my first time seeing both of the breeds in person. And to my surprise, both of their temperaments were quite calm (especially for the Bankhar which is a breed that is famous for its large size and aggressiveness). The Bankhar only came here for water treadmill while the Great Dane was here for acupuncture and laser therapy. 

-Ernest Yu