Kakato Scholarship 2021 February's Diary

This month is the autopsy teaching section. The same as last semester is the need to go to the zoo for autopsy, sampling, and sectioning, and then analyze the cause of death of animals based on gross and microscopic lesions. Last semester, the senior sister was teaching while dissecting, but this semester we replaced the senior sister with guidance, and we did it. Last semester, I watched the senior sister do it and found it easy and smooth, but when it came time to do it myself, I was in a hurry. What we want to dissect is a grey-necked crane. We must first understand the abnormality before death and the condition when the body was found. Before dissection, observe the gross lesions of the body, such as whether the organs are edema, bleeding, etc., and then start dissecting the body. The organs that need to be sliced to observe the microscopic lesions are completely removed and photographed and then placed in formalin solution for tissue fixation. After the slices are completed, the senior sister will lead them to watch the slices, and then analyze the cause of death and make a report.


-Yoki Chau

It was the first time for me to celebrate the Chinese new year, not with my family. On New year Eve, I gathered with some of my friends from Malaysia and Hong Kong, who are unable to get back home as well. We spent the afternoon shopping for the food, soup and vegetable needed for the dinner. At night, we enjoyed the hotspot in one of our dorms and spent a pleasant night together instead of being alone. In the following days, I just did a few gatherings with different friends and there was nothing special. An exception here was that I joined a dinner specifically organized for those Hong Kong college students staying in Taipei during the New Year. The dishes were incredibly great, and it was held in the form of the buffet! What’s more, I was even the first one to win the lucky draw. How amazing it was!

As a result of the epidemic, it has been more than a year that I couldn’t get back home. In the past I always thought that it would be so easy to see my family and friends in Hong Kong due to the geographical convenience, however, after this epidemic, I finally realize I should never take “being able to see your loved ones at any time” for granted. I would be more treasure the time that we spend together in the future.

-Linda Lau


The situation of the cute cat I mentioned earlier a few months ago has worsened a lot quickly. Originally, she was suffering osteoarthritis in her hip joints only, but when she revisited this month, both her elbow, knee and hock showed serious osteoarthritis. This was an abnormal situation because osteoarthritis should be slow-developing, so the doctors were speculating that it was related to her immune system. Because of the sudden change in her condition, only laser therapy was performed on her. 

-Ernest Yu