Kakato Scholarship 2021 July's Diary

The first day of July marked the beginning of the clinical rotation at the NTU veterinary hospital for us, year 5 students. As a result of the epidemics, we spent the whole month via the online platform and could not get into the hospital. (though we were able to do that finally in August). The two blocks of the month are “Hospitalization” and “Clinical Pathology”. To be honest, apart from the case report session and online courses provided by the blocks, I got nothing else to do but spend summer vacation. Nevertheless, I did make use of the time to enrich myself by reading to avoid any waste of time. Compared to other places, the epidemics in Taiwan are much milder, and people around here possess strong awareness towards epidemic prevention. I believe we will manage to cope with it safely. Hope the epidemic could be gone ASAP and we could be back to our normal daily lives.

-Linda Lau