Kakato Scholarship 2021 June's Diary

This month I did the JPLT N3 mock examination held by the school’s Japanese department and achieved a decent score, in order to pass the N1 exam I bought a few Japanese grammar books to improve my proficiency in Japanese. On the other hand, the clinical rotation has begun but due to the lockdown we were only required to study the cases provided, and I am in the inpatient block right now, it is a shame that I couldn’t get to take care of the patients because we were not allowed to go to the hospital for our clinical rotations.

-Ernest Yu


I had always thought that Taiwan was one of the lucky places that do not need to suffer from the epidemics, however, the outbreak finally came in the middle of May, suddenly disrupting the lives of all the Taiwanese. I am of course of no exception. For the entire month, a three-level alert is not removed and I have to attend lectures and even exams via online software. (The laboratory hands-on exam was cancelled as well!)

The semester finally came to its end, followed by an internship in the NTU animal hospitals. However, as a result of the epidemic, we are still unable to get into the hospital, hence we could only learn to a limited extent. Nevertheless, I know it is not an excuse to be lazy. Instead, I have to equip myself with veterinary knowledge during this period so that I could be better prepared for the internship when I am able to enter the hospital! Hang in there! Last but not least, I really hope that the epidemic could be controlled as soon as possible such that all of us could get back to our normal lives.

-Linda Lau