Kakato Scholarship 2021 October's Diary

My clinical rotation was now “electives” in which we would choose the teacher ourselves to follow for 3 weeks. For me, the teacher that I followed was a surgical vet.

Apart from participating in his clinics, there was a shelter neutering in every week. My teacher is so nice and enthusiastic to help his students, and he also loves to give students opportunities to take part in the neutering in his guidance.

Despite my past experience in doing castration / OHE in Taitung, all the skills and knowledge I have learnt were from the vets there instead of acquiring from college. Hence, during this internship in the shelter, it provided me with a great opportunity to really get trained by a NTU surgical vet and pay attention to the steps and details of a regular surgery.

All in all, I have learnt so much in these 3 weeks and improved my surgical skills which would be the cornerstone of my future career in being a clinical veterinarian!

– Linda