Do you know there are so many meanings behind the nose licking for dogs?

We all know that the dog’s nose is very sensitive. For dogs, this is an important organ to recognize the world. But why do dogs often lick their noses?

       1. Needs to be wet to keep it sensitive

People believe that “seeing is believing”, but for dogs who know the world with their noses, it is “sniffing and believing”! Frequently nose linking keeps the dog’s nose moist, while moist, the nose surface is exposed to more odor molecules in the environment which helps them understand the surrounding environment more accurately.

       2.  Relax and relieve stress

In the dog’s behaviour, nose licking also has the meaning of “pacifying”, which is why when they feel uneasy and stressed, they often lick their noses. The next time you see them keep licking their noses, the owner could observe the surrounding environment to see if there is anything that makes the dogs feel uneasy, pay more attention to their emotions and give them more comfort!

       3. Reconciliation

When the dog provokes the owner into anger, licking his nose is not only to comfort himself but also to show graciousness to his owner.  Dogs have a strong sense of empathy.  By licking its nose, it hopes that the owner can feel the comfort too.

       4. Aftertaste of gourmet food

When a dog has just finished eating or remembering something delicious, he will also lick his nose! Especially when it has just eaten something good, it naturally wants to lick its nose like humans lick their lips


There are so many reasons for nose licking, but is there a time they don’t lick the nose even when it is dry?


Usually, it is time when the dogs are asleep. But as soon as they open their eyes, the nose licking will start again.

Apart from that, if the owner finds that the dog is dull and don’t even lick its nose even when it is dry, it is necessary to pay special attention to the health of the dog.  They may be physically unwell and do not have to spirit to lick their nose.

However, when the dog licks its nose too frequently, it may be a sign of dehydration, just like a human who would lick his/her lips when so.  The owner should remember to provide enough drinking water for the dog!

Is the first thing your dog does upon wake up is licking its nose?