Do you know how to prevent these common diseases?

Prevent disease, give your pet a healthy and happy life

The health and well being of pets is the wish of every pet owner, who can’t help but feel worried and anxious when their pets fall ill. Since prevention is always better than treatment, let’s take a look at the following three common preventable pet diseases.


  1. Dermatitis caused by skin folds

The loose skin of small animals is prone to dermatitis. This skin disease is very common for dogs and cats like Pekingese, Shih Tzu dogs and Persian cats with a flat nose and popping eyes. The owner should mind frequent face cleaning such as wiping with wet cotton or a soft damp cloth and gently rubbing off the secretions and dirt from the folds on the face. Should there be red and odorous secretions at the corners of your pet’s eyes, or their eyes being red and swollen, likely that the cleaning is not thorough enough, veterinarian consultation should be considered for timely treatment.


        2. Urinary system syndrome

Cats are prone to urinary system syndrome, and dietary discomfort and environmental changes can cause problems in the cat’s urinary system. Keep the environment clean and clean the cat litter to reduce the pressure on the cat. Clean drinking water should always be available and moving water also encourages cats to drink more water. The high moisture content of the wet food helps the cat to replenish water while eating. Symptoms of insufficient water include drowsiness, loss of appetite, rapid heartbeat, and asthma. The owner should take care to prevent it!


         3. Periodontitis

For all pets that don’t brush their teeth, whether it’s a cat or a dog, this is a common problem that is hard to avoid. The residue of food and the effect of bacteria and saliva will make the pet’s teeth yellow and inflamed! It is best to clean your pet’s mouth on time, and ideally, it is to brush their teeth every day. When the owner finds that the pet has bad breath, better check whether there are dark yellow dental plaque and grey calculus on their pet’s teeth. If necessary, book a dental cleaning with a veterinarian.


Do the following to make your pet healthy and happy

  1. Exercise is the first step in health. Ample exercise and proper body weight can help your pets strengthen their body and fight disease!
  2. A good diet is very important. Don’t feed your pets with human food, especially desserts! Choose snacks that are made with pure natural ingredients and with no additives.
  3. Bring your pets for checkups and vaccination on time, always follow the doctor’s advice.
  4. Once the owners find their pets sick, be sure to take them to the pet for treatment as soon as possible!