Learn how to read cat’s paw in one minute

Palm reading is an ancient Chinese subject that allegedly could tell the person’s character and predict their future.  But do you know that not only does it work on humans, it works on cats too!

There are many Japanese publishes about cat’s“paw palms” readings, and different shapes of paw palms are said to represent different characters of the cats, so let’s try it out by first learning how to read their paws.

  1. Heart Shape: The Little Cutie

    With the top part of the paw palm looking heart shape, the cats usually are more attached and lingering.  Enjoy interaction with humans, they would not be shy or defiant even with strangers, they are the real little cuties.

    Getting along :

    These cats are open and cheerful, any little gesture like head petting, jaw petting and even just a little play would make them happy and blissful.

  2. Round Shape: The King of Popularity

    With the top part of the paw palm looking ball shape, the cats are usually good in “interference relationship”.  There is still a little primal wildness kept in their character, they are active and enjoy playing with other cats, and they can be seen as the “King of popularity”.

    Getting Along :

    For these socially popular cats, their owners can arrange for more activities in the feline society for them; and they would also readily accept any new cat members in the family should their owners wish to expand it.

  3. Flat Top: The Lone Ranger

    Cats with the top of their paw palms looking flat are usually calm and steady, and they seldom cause trouble.  On the other hand, they would prefer quietly showing off their own beauty in different poses than to interact with other cats.  For the same reason, they don’t like to be disturbed too much by humans too.

    Getting Along :

    Cats of such independence need a lot of space and respect, avoid forcing on them things they don’t like.  Because of this self-sufficient character, they do not usually show their discomfort when unwell or in pain, cat owners need to pay more attention to their health condition.

  4. Flat Paw Palm: A Delicate Heart

    This paw palm shape looks like the flat top one, but the paw palm itself is flat rather than plump. Cats with this paw palm are usually sensitive and vulnerable, any little bit of motion will scare them into hiding, they are easily anxious and excited, and is the kind that would get their owners apprehended.

    Getting Along :

    Since they are always hiding, cat owners need to prepare enough hiding places for them, do not reprimand them for their timidity, patiently help them build up their sense of security and their self-confidence.

  5. Triangular: The Overbearing CEO

    Cats with their paw palms looking at an obvious triangle are usually possessive like there is a small volcano hiding inside their body ready to erupt anytime.

    Getting Along :

    Because they are more dominant in their character, cat owners need to provide them with their own utensils like a feeding bowls, litter boxes, and sleeping mats etc.  To make the homeless of a battlefield, cat owners may want to think carefully before adding new pets to the family.

If you want to know which of the above types are your cats, go take a look at their paws now!