Let’s teach our furkids how to eat slowly

Owners are always rejoicing over their furkids’ good appetite!  But do they notice their eating speed?

If the doggies are eating too fast, owners need to pay attention to their furkids’ gastrointestinal health.

  1. Owners can choose a bigger bite-sized dog food that needs longer chewing time, so dogs would eat slower.  But if the fur child has already developed habitual swallowing without chewing, owners need to be more careful in feeding them with big bite-size dog food.  To prevent them from choking, choose other feeding methods or food.
  2. Multiple meals of smaller quantities is a good feeding method.  Owners can divide their furkids’ meals into 4-6 small portions with feeding intervals of 3-5 hours.  Or perhaps hide these small portions in different places so they get their food whilst playing hide-and-seek, and this would slow down their eating.

  3. Using a “slow-eating bowl” is another effective way.  This specially designed bow features uneven notches on the surface, doggies need to nipple the food from these notches to the wider opening to be able to feed, and this in a way helps doggies to slow down their eating.