New family member – Do you really know your dog’s character? Labrador Retriever

Welcoming a doggie as a new member of the family is a happy moment for a dog owner!  But do you know the characters and needs of the different dogs?

Labrador Retriever

Labradors used to be good partners of fishermen!  They are good with water and full of strength, and can easily help fishermen pull up their heavy fishing nets.

Labradors are passionate about life, love to be with people and are ideal partners to families enjoying outdoor activities!  There is an old saying which goes: Labrador is a “man’s best friend”, they enjoy jogging, games on land and swimming.  They are very patient with children of all age groups and are their loyal partners!

But dogs with such energetic spirit need a massive amount of exercise and playing, so a more spacious home environment is more ideal.  Owners also need to spend time walking them, otherwise, their unspent energy could cause your “home demolition”!

Do you as a would-be owner, after reading this article, have more understanding of their character trait and a suitable living environment?  Wishing you and your doggie getting along in harmony!