Why is your pet choosing food?

Pets choosing food can be a headache for owners, every failed feeding experience left the owners to wonder why their pets are not eating.

There are many reasons why your pets are choosing their food, not merely because you spoiled them, sometimes they are just not in the mood.

If your pet is not eating and looking tired, it’s very possible that they’re sick, and it’s natural that they’d lose their appetite.  What’s more important than feeding when they’re sick is caring for their well being. 

Though pets are not eager for food when they’re sick, owners still need to prepare easily digestible food in multiple meals of small quantities, so they’d have enough nutrition even when they lost their appetite.  Remember to give them enough water too. 

Pets sometimes are moody, and it’s not unusual.  But you need to pay attention if your pet suddenly changes the amount of their food intake, be it a lot more or a lot less.  Research shows that when pets feel a change of environment, for example, temperature increase, house moving, time spent with the owner or playtime lessened, they will become stressed, and nervousness leads to poor appetite. Pet owners need to comfort them by spending more time with them.

Some pet owners keep feeding the same food to their pets, it’s natural that pets get tired of the same food after a long time.  Some pet owners give their pets all the gourmet snacks in the world, and again it’s only natural that they become choosy.

For your pet’s health, a balanced diet is important and so is a regular change of food mixing.  Kakato® suggests following the principle of “mixing old with new” and “combining dry with wet”.  This would help improve food choosy problem and at the same time make sure that they have enough nutrients.

Pets cannot resist snacks, but pet owners need to resist spoiling them with too many snacks.  Snacks are only given on top of their regular meals or as a reward in regulating their taste in food.  Pet owners need to be consistent in upholding the correct feeding habit. 

To solve your pets’ problem of choosing food, pet owners not only need to be loving but also to be patient.  Pet owners may refer to our suggestions above if you have a food choosy pet, or consult your veterinary for further advice.