Petting that your dog finds irresistible!

After getting along with dogs for a while, they would deliberately lie down on the floor showing their cuteness and asking for petting.  But do you know which parts of their body do they like petted most?  Let us take a look now!


Pet the belly and build up a warm relationship

As established by pet medical specialist, dogs lying on their back demonstrate “submission”, showing their belly for petting shows absolute trust.  So if your dogs let you pet their belly, you must seize the opportunity to build up a warm a loving relationship with them.


Pet the ears and bring about calmness

Apart from the belly, dogs love to be petted by their ears, this is not only relaxing but they will also immerse themselves in the calmness and feel the caring shown by their owners.  Some of the physical conditions of a dog can also be seen through their ears, too hot could mean illness, too many ear secretions in lop-eared dogs could be a symptom of ear bug infestation.


Pet the lower jaw and relax an unfamiliar dog

People like to pet a first met dog by their head, but this is not the best way to pet an unfamiliar dog.  When they could not see your hand, their instinct is to feel anxious and unsettling, petting the lower jaw on the contrary would help relax them.

First, put your hand in front of the dog so they could smell you and get to know you, then you may pet their lower jaw to let their guard down, this way you will be able to thoroughly enjoy a good time with the dog!