Quality pet tinned food, dog’s love!

I’ve been looking for a snack for my Blackie. Usually, I give him kibbles and worry that he will be malnourished. Although he is quite fat now, he got bored of the new wet food I gave him, he definitely wants some snacks, just like me. Of course, the dog is just like the master, hee hee!

But there was an incident of some dog food brand on the Internet, and I was afraid that Blackie would suffer from some of the snacks, and there weren’t any good snacks to buy for a while. Watching him gloom every day, I took him out for a walk to relax.

As soon as he reached his usual lawn, he saw an uncle giving tinned meat to his dog. I stepped forward and see what was going on and saw Blackie had already eaten half of the tin. Angered the uncle’s golden retriever that he wanted to bite Blackie. I immediately apologized and was going to pay him back. The uncle generously refused my compensation. Seeing Blackie eating it so deliciously, I got curious and asked about its brand, how good is it, and what kind of dogs could eat it.

The uncle told me the brand was Kakato’s premium pet food, which has 27 flavours. Amazingly, it is suitable for both cats and dogs. There are many types and flavours to it, nutritionally balanced, not only can be a snack but also a staple food!

Immediately, I bought Tuna & Mackerel flavour for Blackie. As soon as I opened the can, Blackie came over. There was some fish soup in the tin. The meat was clearly visible. You can tell the food is good when seeing Blackie eating it so happily!