It's summer time! | How to help dogs to cool off?

Stepping into summer, the hot weather is coming again, owners should pay attention to pets’ health and understand how to help them to cool off. In the past month, we have shared the signs of heatstroke in pets, and this month we will tell you how to stay away from it. Following are some details that the owners can refer to.

In order for pets to have a cool summer, many owners will shave their hair. Sometimes you will see pets being shaved when you walking on the street, is it really helpful to shave the hair?

Many owners will think that shaving their pet’s hair will allow them to have a comfortable summer. However, nothing comes out as planned. Some conditions show that the pets are healthy before shaving, but after shaving, various skin diseases will appear, many redness and sign of mosquito bites will be found. In fact, in addition to the heat insulation effect, a pet’s hair also prevents bites by mosquitoes. Therefore, if the hair is removed, the hair is basically exposed for mosquito, it will cause some skin diseases and loss the function of heat insulation.

How to avoid heatstroke properly? The method is very easy. When you bring your pets go out, you need to let your pets to drink more water, it is certainly not wrong to drink plenty of water. Also, pet needs to take a bath too. It is necessary to take a bath at regular time instead of every day. Pets will secrete some protective substances on the skin, if they take bath frequently, those protective substances will be washed away, It may cause some bad influence.

We usually turn on the air conditioner at home during summer, make sure that the indoor temperature should not be lower than the outdoor temperature by 5 degrees or more. It is because if pets have been in the air-conditioned environment for a long time, they will also suffer air-conditioning disease.

The symptoms of the air-conditioning disease including sneezing, runny nose, listlessness, anorexia, even without eating or drinking, all these symptoms seem like the common cold, but it is actually much more serious than common cold. Owners should not let their pet sleep under the air conditioner vent, also don’t let the pet stand under the air conditioner after shower. It is best to let them dry naturally in a natural windy environment.


Pets’ health is the main concern of Kakato, the above suggestions are for your reference. Careful protection and health care can save lots of trouble!