Some Tips for Change Food for Your Dog

Everyone has their own way of keeping dogs. Some don’t allow their dogs to eat human food,  but some do. In my opinion, Health is the most important thing when feeding your pet.  Healthy eating plays a major part in a dog’s life. Here are some of my feeding tips for your reference.

Firstly, there are lots of articles relating to dog food. I have done research from the Red Magazines. My dog has changed its food brand since trying Kakato’s dog kibbles for the first time at the Asia Pet Expo. It loved the Kakato flavours very much.  Another reason why I have changed the kibbles is because of the lamb flavour. Learning information from online, I know that lamb is an uncommon ingredient in natural dog food and is very nutritious to pets. The lamb Kakato has used is also free-range from New Zealand, making it healthy and tasty. Lamb is highly digestible and palatable, which can help those with bad appetite particularly during summer!

Regarding to mixing dog food,my dog is a large breed requiring higher feeding amount compared to smaller dog breeds. Hence, when mixing kibbles and tinned food, the ratio would be 7:3. Also, we should consider the daily intake amount of vegetables and fruits. You can try mashing them for your dog. This can increase their water intake. Kindly remind that the amount should refer to the pet’s weight.

Last but not least, about dog snacks. Don’t worry about the overweight issue if you feed them snacks. For as long as it’s given appropriately at a correct amount, some snacks can be beneficial to your dog, such as helping them to clean their teeth or improving nutrient absorptions. You should take them for a body check with the vets regularly ensuring a healthy lifestyle for them.