Toilet training for doggies

Follow me, this will get the double result

When taking a new puppy home, the owner may not know they need to be toilet trained. How to effectively toilet train dogs? Learn a few tricks here.


1. Fixed location

Dogs are territorially conscious animals. They don’t like to go to a toilet that is near the area where they rest. Therefore, when the owner’s toilet train them, they must first thoroughly clean and leaving no smell at the place where the dog’s excrement has been before. Then, specify a fixed location far from their resting area, put down the dog toilet, and place something that carries the smell of excrement, so as to attract them to defecate there.

Clear, fixed location makes it easier for dogs to identify and thus shorten the learning time.


2. Repeat instruction

Dogs can learn by conditioning, and the owner can put the dog in the dog toilet area every ten minutes, repeating the instructions for the dog to go to the toilet, such as “wee-wee” or other specific words.  When the dog is going to the toilet at the designated place, the owner should give the dog a reward in time, which as food or snacks that it likes.


3. Avoid punishment

In the process of dog training, the patience of the owner is very important. Punishment has little effect on learning good habits. Dogs may not even understand why they are punished. Especially for puppies, it is not easy for them to hold their bowels at this age, so punishment may reduce their trust in the owner and hinder learning.


4. Love encouragement

Although the process of training may take a while, the owner must remember to be patient and caring towards the dog. During the training, don’t worry if the dog doesn’t immediately understand the owner’s meaning.  Let it develop a good habit of going to the toilet at a fixed place and time, don’t forget to keep a soft tone. When the dog has done correct, give it a pet as encouragement.


Try the above toilet training methods so your dogs get into the habit soon!