Do you understand dog's language?

Dogs are human’s, loyal partners. Although they can’t speak, they can express their emotions and communicate with their owners.


Very excited when I heard “going out”

Owners will notice that they can’t say “let’s go” or “out” at home easily! It’s because the dog will be very excited and dashes between the door and its owner.

A clever dog will associate the owner’s speech with the current situation and gradually “understands”.


I know your emotion

When some owners backed home, he/she will found that the dog had been staring at him/her silently. Dogs are masters of “mind readers”, they can “feel” the message sent out from the owner through their expression and tone of voice.

Therefore, when the owner smiles or cries, dogs will silently interpret the mood of the owner to see if they are happy, sad or angry.


Emotions are “contagious”

Dogs can not only guess the emotions of their owner but also be affected by them.   This “diffusion” can make them almost in the same mood as their master.

This is also why when the owner is sleepy and yawns, the dog will involuntarily want to yawn as well. When the owner feels dangerous, it will also be alert, and when the owner is sad, the fur kid will lean intimately against its owner to offer comfort.


My owner’s friend is also my friend

“Emotional diffusion” allows the dog to know who the owner is friendly too. Dogs can identify the owner’s friends. In addition, since the master’s friend and the master get along with each other for a long time, their bodies might also carry the master’s smell.

So, the dogs will become enthusiastic when being with their master’s friends and smelling non-stop, this is also their friendly way to say hello.


Master, I am frightened

When a dog feels dangerous, there are several performances, adult dogs will start barking or choking, walking around or running and over gasping whilst etc., puppy usually runs to the owner because the safest place in their mind is standing behind their owners!


Dogs’ language can express their needs and emotions which requires the owner to interpret carefully and patiently.